• Chezy CAD is a virtual CADathon hosted by FRC Team 254
  • Like traditional FRC CADathons, teams will be presented with a unique game challenge and will have a limited amount of time to design, model, and submit a solution that effectively addresses the challenge.
  • However, Chezy CAD also pulls inspiration from traditional Hackathons, having teams present and receive feedback from experienced judges.
  • The challenge presented will be for a single mechanism, not an entire robot, and the time allowed limited to a single weekend enables deeper analysis and feedback on specifics from judges.


  • Opening Ceremonies and Game Announcement
    • Friday, November 20, 6pm PST - 6:30pm PST
  • Submissions Due
    • Sunday, November 22, 9am PST
    • Submit a link to GrabCAD repository or Onshape link
  • Presentations with Judges
    • Sunday, November 22, 10am to 5pm PST
    • 25minute, first-come-first-serve signups for presentations and feedback from Judges
  • Closing Ceremonies with Award Announcements
    • Sunday, November 22, 6pm PST


Ceremonies and judging held via Microsoft Teams virtual rooms, link to room sent to team via email included on signup


  • Team size of 5 pre-College students
    • Challenge is for a single mechanism, so limited team size is to ensure all students get full participation
    • Lots of students interested? Register multiple teams!
  • Adult mentor support is allowed, but mentors not allowed to attend judging presentations
  • Teams need at least 2 students to attend judging presentation


  • 4 rooms each with 2 professional industry adult mentors
    • Each room has a minimum of 15 years combined FRC experience
    • Judges are Mechanical Engineers who work at Auris Health Inc., a surgical robotics company in Silicon Valley
  • Exact judging criteria and submission requirements will be presented during Opening Ceremonies on Friday evening
    • Primarily emphasizing strong effectiveness, manufacturability, and performance metrics (weight, speed) with a bit of supporting analysis
    • Less emphasis on aesthetics, excessive/unnecessary detailing, or “creative” but silly/less-performant designs


  • $100, $75, and $50 prizes for top 3 submissions
  • Extra non-monetary recognitions / shout-outs on our website and social media for top Aesthetics, Presentations, Analysis, and others

Application Process

Signup by November 13 11:59pm PST

First 45 teams to submit get guaranteed judging, later signups welcome to compete but will not be eligible for judging or awards

Please click the button below and fill out the necessary information.


November 20th to 22nd
(Friday to Sunday, 6 PM to 6 PM)